Travel Hooray – Arizona Hiking: The Sun Corridor Trail: Concept to Reality

The Sun
Corridor Trail: Concept to Reality

Maricopa Trail will be part of Sun Corridor Trail

exciting news for Arizona hikers.  The
Sun Corridor Trail, a planned 1,500-mile multi-use route that will run from Douglas,
Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada is gaining support and traction.  A new website with maps, plans and segment descriptions
was rolled out last week. 

The route will run through the Mormon Lake area

The trail will
incorporate.  The route will incorporate existing
trails such as the Black Canyon Trail, Prescott Circle Trail, Flagstaff Loop
Trail, Sedona Urban Trail System, Maricopa Trail, Central Arizona Project canal
trails and Tucson’s Tribute Trail for an epic tour of the Southwest’s natural
resources that include deserts, mountains, forests, grasslands and waterways. 

Prescott Circle Trail will be part of the route

The trail will run through the Huachuca Mtns

The project
is a joint effort among city, county, state and federal agencies as well as
non-profit organizations that work together to build support through marketing
and public involvement while developing strategic plans that will connect
communities, benefit economic development and provide nature-based tourism opportunities.

Sedona Urban Trail System will link with the route

The trail will tie in with the Black Canyon Trail

parts of this epic route are open and ready to explore, the grand-scale plans
have the potential rival world-class, interstate icons such as the Pacific
Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail. Check out the new website, spread the word
and learn how to support its purpose and participate in its growth, construction
and protection.  


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